Five Ways for Urban Homesteaders to Work Together

I am so honored to have my dear friend Erin, of the blog Blue Yurt Farms – and her new project Homesteader Hub, here to share today.

Erin is an amazing person with a huge heart and a lot of information to share.  She’s great at building community and getting the people around her excited about change.  She’s sharing about her huge, awesome, new project today on Five Little Homesteaders.  I can’t wait to be a part of it and I know you’ll be excited once you read about it too.


Most people associate homesteading with acreage, rural areas and plenty of space. And let’s not forget the dairy cow! But nowadays, there are homesteaders all over, from rural Texans to urban Manhattanites. Urban homesteaders have to be a bit more aware of rules than their rural counterparts, but other than that, there are so many possibilities!

Do you live in an apartment building with a shared use yard? Or perhaps there is an abandoned plot somewhere in your neighborhood. How about the rooftop of your office building? Community gardens in your area?.

The point is, there is wasted space and homesteading opportunities around all of us just crying out for homesteaders to direct tender loving care onto them. Whether you own the land, rent it or take care of in exchange for growing rights…there are so many possibilities.

That said, trying to man these projects alone can get a little overwhelming. Which is where the power of community comes into play.

That said, it can be REALLY hard to find a local community of like-minded homestead friends. Sure, there are more online homestead forums and Facebook groups than you can shake a fist at but it’s not always easy to determine who is close to where you live.

Which is why my husband and I are launching a homestead focused Kickstarter project called Homesteader Hub – . We are experienced web developers and homesteaders — and can’t wait to create a super user friendly site that you can pop onto from your phone, tablet or computer, find people near you and then pop back off to go milk that goat, pick those tomatoes or just enjoy a quiet moment. There are enough time wasters online, we don’t want to add another.

But what we DO need is a way to bring this amazing nationwide homesteading community together. And that is how the Homesteader Hub idea was born. Together we can do great things!

So what could you do with a local community? Here are five ideas!

1. Find a small plot of land (someone’s yard, rooftop, the side lawn of a local business/church, etc) and share the costs and energy to get it set up for a first year garden. This can be A LOT of fun!

2. Organize a monthly get-together (or even weekly) to put together healthy from-scratch meals that can go into the freezer. This can be combined with a bulk order from your local farmer or online food provider.

3. Get together to pick berries at a local farm and then gather at a community member’s kitchen to make some jam together. Jam tastes even better when it has fun memories associated with it. Many farms will give you a bulk or pick-your-own discount.

4. Join forces to convince a local business to allow beehives on their rooftop or other available space. Become beekeepers together…share resources, knowledge and enjoy the honeyed fruits of your labor! ;)

5. Buy bulk meat from a local farmer. Buying a half or whole animal translates to huge savings, but can be difficult in urban kitchens with tiny freezers. Splitting up the purchase amongst your community is a great solution, and hey, if weekend BBQs with delicious, humanely raised meat pop up because of it, all the better!

Sounds awesome, but don’t know anyone local?

Help us share the Homesteader Hub project far and wide by first sharing this post with friends, family and fellow homesteaders. Then visit the Homesteader Hub kickstarter project page. Even if you contribute just $2 towards building the site, you’re helping us create a collaborative online space where we can ALL build our own local “hubs” of like-minded homesteaders. The sky is the limit!

Learn more about the Homesteader Hub project here. –

And a big thank you to Colleen for sharing your online community with us! We absolutely love what you’re doing here.

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