Olive and Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta

Olive & Roasted Red Pepper Brucshetta :: Five Little Homesteaders


Before having kids, my husband and I LOVED to eat out during the holidays.  (To be fair….we have always loved to eat out…. but it seems especially nice during the holidays.)

However, since having kids, eating out has become…well…ummm….interesting?  Creative?  Hard?

Also, as our family has grown, so has my desire to make sure I know exactly what is in the food we are eating.  If you’ve been around this blog for any length of time, then you know we’ve been on a real food “journey,” if you will.  All of these factors have resulted in less eating out and more eating “in” – more cooking at home, from scratch.  This means I often like to recreate some of our favorite restaurant dishes at home.  This is especially true during the holidays when we have guests or are just feeling particularly festive.

One of my favorite recipes is for brucshetta.  It’s pretty easy to make and definitely delicious.  Given that it’s the holidays, it’s also great to make and share with family, friends and house guests.  Read on for the recipe and a chance to win a holiday gift basket full of delicious food!

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Pecan Caramel Sticky Buns

Pecan Caramel Sticky Buns :: Five Little Homesteaders

Man.  I must really be into breakfast lately.  My last post was all about breakfast and now this.

I guess since my last post was savory, it makes sense that this one is sweet.

My family loves sweet rolls.  I usually make them for special occasions.  Before I got into cooking from scratch and reading labels, I used to make those awful cinnamon rolls that come in a can in the dairy section.  You know – the ones where you “pop” open the can.  However, now that I’ve wised up and have started focusing on real food and cooking from scratch, I’ve come up with several delicious recipes for homemade sweet rolls. These pecan caramel sticky buns are just one example.

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Savory Breakfast Braid

Savory Breakfast Braid :: Five Little Homesteaders

You all know that I try to make as much of our food from scratch, with natural, wholesome ingredients, as I can.  During the holiday season this can be difficult (especially when you add a newborn into the equation!).  Time is short, schedules are busy, guests are visiting and things fall through the cracks.  However, I’m determined to keep up with our healthy eating habits during this holiday season.

That’s why I created this recipe for a Savory Breakfast Braid – hopefully you’ll find it useful too.  It is filled with a delicious blend of breakfast ingredients including: smoked gouda cheese - http://ooh.li/0768995 , eggs, spinach, and caramelized onions and the crust is made with whole wheat flour.

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It’s been quiet around here, I know.

However, I do think about this little space daily.

I come up with ideas about what to post, what pictures to take, where to share my ideas….so on and so forth, but the time never comes.  The morning turns to evening before I know it and weeks go by faster than I can imagine.

Then a baby comes.

Yes, you see, as I mentioned a few months back, we were expecting our fourth child.  Well, she’s here now!  And she’s the thing I’m most thankful for this holiday season.

On the whole, I have so much for which to be thankful – my husband, my four(!) beautiful children, my home, our health, my extended family…..and so much more.  And as cliche as it might be, I’m thankful for you.  The people who come here to read and share.  Thank you.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?  Please share in the comments.

Welcoming Fall & a $250 Mighty Nest Giveaway

Fall Baking Favorites :: Five Little Homesteaders

It’s coming.  I can feel it (and even if I can’t, I’m going to pretend that I can).

Fall.  That’s what I’m talking about.

As most of you know, our little urban homestead is placed in the middle of the Arizona desert.  This means that our seasons are a little….well…. they’re a little “off.”  Summer is more “summery” and winter is less “wintery” and those other two seasons?  Well, sometimes they get a little lost in the shuffle.  But just like it is in other parts of the country, fall is a magical time, even in the desert.

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magimix Review and Giveaway

Magimix Review and Giveaway! A $499 value!


Greetings faithful readers!

Recently I was given the opportunity to test drive a new food processor.  But wait just one minute….. it wasn’t just ANY ol’ food processor.  I was given the opportunity to try out the magimix 16 cup, 5200 XL food processor - http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/magimix-5200xl-16-cup-food-processor/ .  And what a treat it was!

Read on to hear more about my experience and to learn how you can enter to win one of your own!

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Homemade Crackers – Parmesan Oregano

Homemade Crackers - Parmesan Oregano

Who doesn’t like a good cracker?

I will admit.  A store bought cracker can be pretty delicious.  However, they are generally highly processed and include all sorts of yucky ingredients that I wouldn’t want to eat.  That said, I’ve been testing out cracker recipes (and using my new magimix food processor - http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/magimix-5200xl-16-cup-food-processor/ to do it).

This recipe for parmesan-oregano homemade crackers was pretty delicious.

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National Preparedness Month + Giveaway

National Preparedness Month + $100 Giveaway

Being prepared for natural disasters and other emergencies is something I’ve been prioritizing for my family.  Some of my recent posts on the topic include:

This month is National Preparedness Month and there is no better time than now to get your family prepared for an emergency.  Check out some tips from ready.gov - http://www.ready.gov/ below and enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card that will help you buy supplies for emergency preparedness.

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