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Back to School - A Week of Firsts:Five Little Homesteaders

And just like that…. summer break is over.

This past week was a big one on our little homestead.  Two of my three kiddos headed to school and it was a serious week of firsts for all of us.

My oldest turned 5 and then became an official kindergarten all in the same week.  Then my middle daughter packed up her little backpack and headed off to preschool.  That left me and the littlest home alone for a good portion of the day.  Going from a loud and crazy house of 3 kids 4 and under to a quiet house of just me and my little 2 year old buddy…. well…. let me tell you.  It’s been a transition.

I still can’t believe I’m a momma to TWO school age kiddos.  Overall, the start of school went great.  My middle daughter is in love with school and is already a class clown who is adored by her teacher.  My oldest excels academically but teeters on the shy/introverted side and is feeling a little overwhelmed with the length of day that kindergarteners endure (8-3!!!).  I vacillate between feeling so excited for them to be embarking on these new adventures and feeling incredibly sad that my babies are growing up.  Didn’t I JUST bring them home from the hospital?  No…. I guess I didn’t.

The new schedule is something else to get used to.  Now each morning is quite a bit more busy.  We don’t just have to feed and water the chickens….we have to pack lunches, put on uniforms and get out the door by 7:20.  Whew.  It’s taking some getting used to for this momma who appreciated the slow pace of summer break.  (And not to mention I’m baking baby #4 inside this ol’ belly and prepping the fall garden.)

Packing lunches has been a particularly interesting addition to my day.  Not only is it another thing to add to the to do list, but trying to keep it healthy, relatively non-perishable and edible (as defined by my picky 3 year old) has proven to be a challenge.

Packing Lunch :: Five little Homesteaders

I also want to make their lunches special.  I like to include a little something each day that reminds them of me and home.  Luckily they are still young and are not easily embarrassed, so I came up with the idea of creating some cute little tags to tie to one of their squeeze-y fruit pouches.  (Do you use these things in your kids’ lunches?  I was excited to try these Del Monte – http://bit.ly/1Awn2AH Fruit Burst Squeezers.  My kids love them and they are healthy!  No high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors and made with natural fruit purees and juices.  A win for both moms and kids.)  Here’s a picture of the four I created:

Squeeze-y Pouch Printable :: FIve Little Homesteaders


And the good news is, you can print a pdf copy of your own by clicking here : Del Monte Fruit Burst Printable :: Five Little Homesteaders  (And if there are enough requests, I can make one that says “Love, Dad” or “Love, Mom and Dad” ???? ????

I thought it would be a really fun way to show my kids that I was thinking about them when they opened their lunch boxes on the first day.  And I think it worked :)  Both girls saw the note and said that their teacher read it to them at the lunch table (again…. lucky they are little and not easily embarrassed ????   For me, knowing that my kids were thinking about me while they were away was reward enough.

Squeeze-y Pouch Printables :: Five Little Homesteaders

As I mentioned, I love the Del Monte – http://bit.ly/1Awn2AH brand of squeeze-y pouch (called Fruit Burst Squeezers) and when I went to my local Walmart Supercenter to pick some up, I was able to take part in a great offer.  From August 1 – September 13 (while supplies last), you can participate in a free back to school photo offer at SELECT Walmart Supercenters and pick up a free 5×7 photo.  I chose to have one printed of our family on the front steps of our house on the first day.  It’s a good one.  You’ll also get a a $1 off coupon for the purchase of 2 Del Monte – http://bit.ly/1Awn2AH 4-pack fruit cups or 2 Fruit Burst Squeezers.

Free Photo Offer

So, with all that said…. here’s to a great first week.  We made it.  The kids were picked up on time.  Lunches were packed and eaten and we are ready for week 2!  Bring it on!

What are you doing to prepare?  How are you feeling about the transition from summer to school time?  I’d love to hear from you :)

A Well-Packed Lunch :: Five Little Homesteaders

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