Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review and Giveaway

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Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review: Five Little Homesteaders

As you probably already know, I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We get about 296 sunny days a year.  That’s a lot of sun.  You probably also know that we like to do a lot of outdoor activities here on our little homestead – gardening, constructing, chicken chasing, kid wrangling, etc.

Gardening, in specific, keeps me outside most of the weekend, especially this time of year.  So, you’ll understand that protecting my skin from the sun when out in the garden is an essential part of my routine.  Using a safe, natural, organic sunscreen, like Goddess Garden Organics – http://bit.ly/ggemailsignup , is one of the top ways that my family and I protect ourselves.

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

There are a lot of ways you can choose to protect yourself from the sun when in the garden:

  • wearing a wide brimmed hat
  • wearing long sleeves
  • avoiding the sun during it’s most damaging time of day – generally 10am-4pm

But nothing can beat the power and protection of a good sunscreen.  However, did you know that most sunscreens on the market contains dangerous chemicals?  I am strict about growing naturally and organically.  Why would I refuse chemicals on my plants but slather my body with them?  The answer is, I wouldn’t.

Finding a Good, Safe Sunscreen

It can be hard to find an effective, natural and organic sunscreen. Most of what is on the market contains harmful and even dangerous chemicals, such as: Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Retinyl and others.  Why are these chemicals harmful?  Consider this:

  • Octinoxate is a hormone disruptor.  (For more on this read here:  http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/1104052/ – http://ehp.niehs.nih.gov/1104052/ )
  • Studies have shown that Oxybenzone may behave similarly to estrogen and may actually be a contributing factor to the RISE in melanoma among those that wear sunscreen. (For more on this, read here:  http://www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/oxybenzone – http://www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/oxybenzone )
  • Retinyl, a form of Vitamin A, may actually INCREASE your chances for skin tumors when exposed to the sun. (For more on this, read here:  http://www.ewg.org/2013sunscreen/the-problem-with-vitamin-a/ – http://www.ewg.org/2013sunscreen/the-problem-with-vitamin-a/ )

But don’t worry, there IS good news.  Recently, I was lucky enough to try out an amazing product AND I  get to introduce you all to it!

Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review: Five Little Homesteaders

Goddess Garden Organics – http://bit.ly/ggemailsignup was started in 2004 by a mom, Nova Covington, who wanted to protect her daughters safely and effectively from the sun.  Out of this desire, Goddess Garden – http://bit.ly/ggemailsignup was born and is now the fastest growing natural sunscreen brand in the U.S.

All of their products are certified organic and use only zinc and titanium as their active ingredients.  These types of sunscreens are considered “mineral” sunscreens.  They work almost like a mirror and reflect the harsh, damaging rays off of your skin.  This is great news, since pretty much all the other sunscreens on the market contain harsh chemicals that are absorbed into your bloodstream and may be detrimental to your health.  (To read more about chemicals in sunscreen and why mineral sunscreen are probably better, check out this article – http://www.ewg.org/2013sunscreen/the-trouble-with-sunscreen-chemicals/ .)

(As a side note, Goddess Garden uses non-nano zinc and titanium in their lotions and sprays.  The average particle size is 120nm. The range in particle sizes is 100nm to 130nm. Most definitions of “nano-particles” are under 100nm.  Just in case that’s something that concerns you.)

Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review: Five Little Homesteaders

Goddess Garden – Organic Sunscreen Products

I have been using these products daily since I received them in the mail and I am in love.  They were packaged beautifully and arrived in 100% recyclable packaging material.

Living in Arizona and spending as much time outdoors as I do, I find it necessary to wear sunscreen on my face daily.  I found Goddess Garden’s Sunny Face – http://shop.goddessgarden.com/natural-facial-sunscreen-spf30-3-4oz/  product to be perfect for daily use.  It goes on sheer and does not leave my face feeling greasy, which is essential.  As an added bonus, lavender oil has been added, leaving a subtle, calming scent.

When spending prolonged time in the sun (like this past weekend at the zoo), I use  Sunny Body – http://shop.goddessgarden.com/natural-sunscreen-spray-spf30-8oz/ or  Sunny Body sport spray – http://shop.goddessgarden.com/natural-sunscreen-continuous-sport-spray/ on myself and the kids.  Both provide SPF 30 and exceptional sun protection.  These sunscreens have protected us beautifully with no sign of burn or damage. The slim design of the sport spray makes it easier to transport but I preferred the pump sprayer on the Sunny Body pump bottle – http://shop.goddessgarden.com/natural-sunscreen-spray-spf30-8oz/ .  (They also sell Sunny Body in a traditional squeeze bottle – http://shop.goddessgarden.com/natural-sunscreen-spf30-6oz/  design.  I received a small tester of this and like it for keeping in a side pocket of my diaper bag in case I forget sunscreen sometime.)

As I’ve mentioned several times over, I live in Arizona and I spend A LOT of time outdoors, in the garden and elsewhere.  Arizona is also an extremely DRY climate.  It IS the desert after all.  So, along with a daily face lotion, it is nice to use a daily body lotion with spf.  An added bonus is when they smell great.  I was very impressed with the Grapefruit Bergamot Daily Lotion – http://shop.goddessgarden.com/natural-daily-lotion-grapefruit-bergamot/  that i was able to try.  It moisturized well and smelled great.  At first it seemed very “white” when applied, but I was impressed with the way it blended in and became sheer.  It also comes in Tangerine Lavender and Lavender Mint.  One Note: Pay attention to the fact that it is only SPF 15, so if you’ll be in direct sun for long periods of time, make sure you double up with something else, like Sunny Body – http://shop.goddessgarden.com/natural-sunscreen-spray-spf30-8oz/ .

*****From May 1 through July 30, use the discount code #GGOrganics to receive $2 off when purchasing one of Goddess Garden’s – http://bit.ly/ggemailsignup products through their website.*****

Now, as if I haven’t given you enough good news about Goddess Garden Sunscreen – http://bit.ly/ggemailsignup , you can enter to win some of this sunscreen of your very own!  (And there will be lots of winners! ) 

Head on down to the rafflecopter widget and learn how to enter!

Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review: Five Little Homesteaders


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