Making My Dirty Home My Healthy Home

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My Healthy Home

It probably comes as no surprise to you that we get dirty on our little urban homestead.  We have plenty of things that can get us messy on any given day – chickens, gardens, mud and dirt.  And with three little ones around, cleaning up is a constant part of our daily rhythm.  As the title of this post suggests, I’m always trying to transform my house from my dirty home to my healthy home –  (aka my clean home).

As you know, I’m a huge proponent of safe, sustainable products that contain natural ingredients.  I also promote making DIY natural cleaning products at home.  But sometimes it’s not possible to use homemade stuff or maybe you don’t want to make it or maybe you’ve run out.  In these cases, I’m so glad that there are great, natural products out there that I can buy and feel comfortable using in my home and on my family.

My Healthy Home

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or a just a friend of a family with small children, then you know what I’m talking about.  One minute the kids are sitting on chairs looking at books quietly, the next thing you know, they are in the backyard, have the hose on and are covered in mud…. how does that happen!?

My Healthy Home

As you can see in the picture above, my kids show up at my backdoor with all manner of yuckiness on them and their belongings.  (Chicken poop being, perhaps, the most *ahem* “creative” of all yuckiness-es.)

My Healthy Home

With my daily cleaning battles in mind, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Walgreens’ Ology line of cleaning products – and I was really impressed.  I was not only impressed with the effectiveness and cleaning power of these products, I was impressed with what they were able to do without harmful chemicals.  The Ology products are free of 10 of the most harmful chemicals and use no artificial dyes or fragrance.

Furthermore, all of their paper products are 100% tree free!  I mean…. tree free paper?  Who knew!?  Instead of trees, their toilet paper and paper towel products are made with sugar husk and bamboo, both of which are products that are readily renewable.

My Healthy Home

One of the most surprising (and awesome!) products that I found in the Ology line was their pure castile soap (lavender or peppermint scented).  It was also cheaper than its competitor.  There is so much you can do with castile soap aside from just using it as regular old soap.

Cleaning Hack!

I’ve effectively used castile soap to make body wash – , natural dog shampoo – , baby wipe solution – , face wash, foaming hand wash, liquid dish soap – …. the list goes on.  So, if you’ve never used it or been unable to find it, head on over to Walgreens and pick up a bottle.  You’ll be amazed by the wonderful scent and its amazing versatility.


Another Ology product that stands out is the plant based liquid laundry detergent.  It is compatible with HE machines.

Cleaning Tip!

Do you have an HE machine?  Did you know that using the proper amount of detergent is critical?  Chances are you are using too much detergent in your HE machine.  Using too much can damage your machine, lead to mildew-y smells and machine malfunction.  Make sure you are always closely following the detergent’s guidelines and as one repairman told me, sometimes even those guidelines are a little on the high side.  So, to be sure, always err on the side of using less, rather than more, detergent.


But honestly, don’t just trust what I say.  We all know there’s a Walgreens on every corner.  Head over to your local store and pick up a couple of these products.  You won’t be disappointed.  (And tell them I sent you! :) )

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