On having fun

On having fun :: Five Little Homesteaders

We got out of town this last weekend.  It was something we desperately needed.

We hadn’t been out of the state since before my son (who is now two) was born.  I was feeling a bit claustrophobic and in need of a change in scenery.  I’ve found that the desert can do that to me.

On having fun :: Five Little Homesteaders

I had recently acquired 4 new baby chicks and had to find care for them.  I also had to water all the gardens and arrange for someone to check in on our other 7 chickens.  Even as a small time urban homesteader, getting out of town can be tricky.

We took out for California in the middle of the day, headed for Disneyland.  The kids were excited.  I was excited.  This was going to be great.  I mean, it is DISNEYLAND.  The happiest place on Earth, right?

We made it, we conquered Disneyland and yet…. I was left feeling a little… down?  Yes, I think that’s the best way to describe it.  It felt a little anticlimactic.  I could tell the kids and my husband were feeling the same way.

On having fun :: Five Little Homesteaders

We woke up the next morning with plans to quickly see the ocean before heading back to Phoenix.  We packed up, stopped at a bakery for a few provisions and hit the beach.

Then we got there.

We all took a deep breath.  The relief was apparent on everyone’s faces.  THIS was our happiest place on Earth.  The space.  The nature.  The water.  The fresh air.  The breeze.  All of it.  This was our idea of fun.

So often we prescribe fun for ourselves and our children.  We sign them up for activities.  Drive them around.  Buy them things.  Tell them “Go!  Have fun!”

But then sometimes you plop them down on the beach with a bucket and shovel or in the backyard with a chicken and some scratch and THOSE are the times you see them really having fun.  That is what true fun is….. at least for our little family.

It’s just too bad it cost me over $300 in Disneyland tickets to realize that.  *sigh*

Lesson learned.

On having fun :: Five Little Homesteaders


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  • 3 thoughts on “On having fun

    1. Melissa

      I couldn’t agree more, Colleen. We’ve had similar experiences and d our best to remember that bigger/better/more exciting doesn’t always feed our souls. More often than not, it’s the down time, the time spent in nature or just hanging out with each other or with friends that allow for the most joy.

    2. Kris @ Attainable Sustainable

      The beach is SO good at righting all that’s off-kilter. We’re lucky to be close enough to visit when we feel like we need it. My kids will actually say, “I need to get in the ocean.” The salt water/air seem to pull the negativity right out of us. ????

    3. Erin @ Blue Yurt Farms

      Ahhh, ain’t that the truth. I think a lot of us have stepped away from gross commercialism, so places like Disneyland are now more exhausting than anything. But the beach? That fun never disappoints! So glad you guys got a recharge!


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