Top 10 Uses for Lavender

Top 10 Uses for Lavender :: Five Little Homesteaders

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One of my favorite essential oils to have on hand, lavender is a not only a beautiful scent, it is also a very powerful oil and whole herb.  Below I outline my top 10 uses for lavender but I’m sure there are many more ways that lavender can be used effectively. (I’d love to hear how YOU use it in the comments!)

According to a company that I trust, Mountain Rose Herbs – , lavender has “analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, cholagogue, deodorant, diuretic, emmenagogue, insecticide, nervine, sedative, stimulant, stomachic, and vulnerary” properties.  (Trying saying THAT five times fast!)  Wow.  That’s a lot.  If that overwhelms you and you just want to know my top 10 uses for lavender, read on.

My Top 10 Uses for Lavender

1. Deodorize –  As I mentioned above, lavender is a beautiful scent.  You can use it in potpourri or sachets.  You can spritz the essential oil (mixed with a carrier) in a room and leave it smelling subtly scented.

2. Burns –  When applied directly to a burn or mixed with a carrier and then applied, lavender may help alleviate the pain, swelling and redness of a burn.

3. Relaxing – Whether defused in a room, applied in a lotion or smelled directly from the bottle, lavender is said to have calming and anti-anxiety properties.

4. Baking – Believe it or not, using lavender flowers in baking (especially in something like lemon bars) can lead to a delicious result.

5. Moth Repellant – I’ve read that lavender sachets placed in closets will keep moths away from delicate clothing.

6. Cleaning – When mixed with vinegar, lavender can add a boost of cleaning power due to its antimicrobial properties.

7. Insect Bites – Applied to an insect bite, lavender may take the sting out, relieve itching and reduce inflammation associated with an insect bite or sting.

8. Fabric Softener – Mix a few drop with vinegar and use in place of fabric softener!

9. Acne –  If you suffer from blemishes, you may find that, due to the antiseptic properties of lavender, it will help improve and heal pimples and acne.

10. Headaches – Lavender has mild analgesic properties and therefore may be effective in combating pain associated with headache if applied directly to one’s temples.


Want to buy lavender oil or the whole herb?

You can buy the oil here – (from Amazon) or here – (from Mountain Rose Herbs)

You can by the whole herb here – (from Amazon) or here – (from Mountain Rose Herbs)


Want to learn even more about lavender and its uses?

If my top 10 uses for lavender wasn’t enough for you – check out this post from one of my favorites Wellness Mama – or this post from a new favorite blog of mine Whole Simple Life – .

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  • 22 thoughts on “Top 10 Uses for Lavender


      Thank you for linking to my essential oil post! Little Homesteaders is one of my favorite new blogs:) I’m also a former teacher and mother to 3!

    2. Sarah LoCascio

      Great info!! Thanks for sharing, I knew a few of these because lavender is one of my most favorite scents, but its great to learn the others!

    3. Small Footprints

      I love lavender but didn’t know about it’s pain-relieving abilities. When you apply it to a burn or insect bite, do you apply the oil, the flower, or the seeds (perhaps ground up)? Thank you for an informative post!

      1. Colleen

        Definitely the oil. Often you will want to mix it with a carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil) to make it less potent.

      1. Colleen

        Hi! My mom must be my biggest fan Thanks for stopping by. I’ve heard of beeyoutiful but never used their products. I’ll have to look into them!

    4. Carole West

      Great information – I love Lavender for relaxing. I use to make sachets for my kids rooms when they were little. Would help them calm down at night time. Great ideas and tips – found you over at From the Farm. -Carole

    5. stuart purcell

      Hello Colleen, thank you for sharing, I have spent the most part of my career working with and training sports horses and have used lavander oïl for years in various ways . I once had a showjumping mare that for several days before and after a competition, would refuse to eat, she would become very excited and difficult to work with,. I started putting a few drops of lavender oïl in the corners of her box a few days before and after compétitions, and she calmed right down, and ate normally,, this however only worked a few times as she started to assosiate the sent with going to compétitions, so we then decided to use it permanently in her box, as the results were amazing, no more stress, calm affectionate easy going horse, who had better results in competition, and her box smelled fantastic ;-)….. i also used lavander oïl mixed with honey directly on a wound on another brood mares abdomen, after 2 operations to close a 30cm gaping wound caused by her outdoor rug, 1 year later, the wound, however healthy, still would not close, her career over, as a last resort decided to try an other aproach and discouvered in a very old book a friend had, that lavander also had powerfull Healing qualities and when mixed with honey and applied directly to a wound, could have very good results, well in less than 6 months, after wich the poor creature really had had enough of belly washes etc every day, the wound was reduced to a tiny 5 cm scratch that weeped from time to time, she is now retired and lives out her life with her friends in a field, very very happy:-), I also know people who use lavander leaves and flowers in thier chicken coops to keep flies down and the chickens calm. I plant lavander between my roses aswell, it defo helps keeps afids at bay aswell. guess you could say im a big fan of lavander, lol

    6. The Gentleman Farmer

      Thanks for the reminder that planting time isn’t just about getting seeds for the garden, but also planting some starts for other multi-use plants. Out of curiosity, is there a particular lavender type recommended for cooking vs. other uses?

      1. Susan Harrington

        Great article Colleen! The safest way to choose culinary lavender is to stay with Lavandula angustifolia (aka English lavender) with names like Munstead, Hidcote and Royal Velvet to name some of my favs. The Lavandula x intermedia (often referred to as French Lavender) with names like Grosso and Provence tend to have too much camphor making them quite fragrant for crafts but a bit too intense for culinary. And always use lavender from known growers and sources being sure that your culinary lavender is never treated with chemicals! Hope this helps.

        With kindest regards,

        1. The Gentleman Farmer

          Thanks for the information! I knew there were culinary lavenders, but I wasn’t sure what made one more desirable for cooking over others. The camphor makes total sense. I’d prefer to grow my own, so will see if I can track down a plant or two.

      1. Colleen

        Hi jennifer! Refresher oil? I’m not sure what you’re referring to….might be the lack of sleep lately Can you elaborate?

    7. Janine

      I love lavender oil. I have never used the herb. I have looked for lavender tea to make soaps and lotions, but it is hard to find. I would be honored if you would share this post with my readers on Oil me Up Wednesdays, a place for essential oils users to share ideas.

      Janine@ my lamp is full

    8. Mary Louise Keitel Oates

      Lavender is my #1 favorite EO ! My favorite use is to draw a line with the dropper from the bottle on either side of my pillow at night when I go to sleep. ♥ Lavender


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