My quest for the real food salad….

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So, there I was.  Standing in the salad dressing aisle.  Completely bewildered.  Not sure how to proceed and wondering how the state of our food system has gotten to where it is.

But hold on, let’s back up a second.

It’s the new year, right?  Salad is at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, right?  You see, I’m giving up sugar and white flour for the new year.  I’m trying to increase my vegetable intake.  Salad is on my mind.

When I was at the grocery store I was trying to find an acceptable dressing to top my salads with – something that would entice me but also be healthy.  And that’s when it happened.  I realized that this country has a MAJOR problem with its food.  I turned over almost every single one of those bottles of dressing in the 15 foot long dressing aisle and bottle after bottle of dressing had high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, soybean oil, canola oil etc. etc. etc.  It was terrible.  Here we are as Americans, putting together a healthy salad, full of veggies and leafy greens and then topping it with this JUNK.  Ridiculous.

There’s hope……

But there’s hope.  And that hope starts with those of us who are “brave” enough to make our food at home.  To stop relying on the grocery store for much more than the basic ingredients and to start reading recipes.  Those of us who are brave enough to make our food (and our condiments) at home will know what is going in our food.  We will have control over it.  We can nourish and feed our family with real food and wholesome ingredients.  We put ourselves BACK in the driver’s seat and we kick out Monsanto and all the big agribusinesses.  We take back our health.

And with ALL of that said…. you will understand why I was so excited when I came across the book Restocking the Pantry – by Kresha Faber (of the blog Nourishing Joy).  Her book is dedicated to those of us who want to reclaim our kitchens and make our food, specifically our condiments, at home, with real, nourishing ingredients.  Here’s a quote from Kresha’s introduction:

It’s pretty darn difficult these days to find a commercial condiment that doesn’t have processed ingredients of some kind, so I set out on a mission to reverse-engineer as many items in my cupboards and refrigerator as I could in order to replace them with wholesome versions I could easily make at home.

That’s it.  I was sold after reading those lines.  I could totally relate.  The book – includes more than 55 recipes (wowzer!). Some of my favorites include:

  • classic yellow mustard
  • 2 (!) kinds of barbecue sauce
  • mayonnaise
  • sour cream
  • relish
  • peanut sauce
  • green goddess dressing (this is one of them that I really wanted to buy at the store but alas, the ingredients were too terrible!)
  • asian sesame dressing
  • hot sauce
  • worcestershire sauce
  • and SO many more!

A clip from the book.

Are you sold?  Thought so.

Now you probably want to know how to get your hands on it.  Well…. here’s where it gets interesting.  You can buy the book on its own —> here – (for $9.99) or you can buy it as part of the Harvest Your Health bundle sale, which includes this book, plus 51 additional ebooks, for $39 —-> here – .  But if you want to get the bundle, you better hurry.  The sale ends on Monday.





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