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picture courtesy of Stephen Johnson on flickr

picture courtesy of Stephen Johnson on flickr

The sale is over!

Well, not over right this second, but it is over tonight at midnight.  Did you get a chance to check it out?  Do you even know what I’m talking about?

If not, I’m talking about the Harvest Your Health – bundle sale.  It includes 52 health and wellness ebooks and many additional bonuses.  You can learn more by clicking —-> here – .

I’ve already reviewed two of the books included in the bundle on this here blog.  Books that I think are an amazing resource.  The first was Restocking the Pantry and the second was Natural Cleaning.

Today I want to introduce you to two more books that are included in the bundle (and remember the sale is OVER at midnight tonight…. no chance to buy it again).  If you haven’t heard, it is an $887 value for $39 – truly a deal, if you ask me.

The first book is Simple Living: 30 Days to Less Stuff &More Life.


This book came at an amazing time for me.  I got my hands on it at the end of December and I devoured it.  I was (and am) desperate to simplify – to clear off my counters and clear out my closets.  Purge.  Who’s with me?  There have GOT to be more of you out there.

This  book was exactly what I was looking for.  The book is just about 50 pages (so a relatively easy read) and includes 30 “lessons” that will help simplify your life one step at a time.  The titles of these lessons include such things as:

  • Surface
  • Incoming
  • Outgoing
  • Money
  • Routine
  • Useables
  • Walls
  • Files
  • and many, many more.

What I like the most is that everything is approached in a non-judgemental matter.  You don’t have to get rid of everything you own to be successful with this book.  You just have to make things more comfortable for yourself and your family.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Check it out as part of the bundle —–> here – .

The second book is Apartment Gardening.


I know many of you who follow this blog are avid gardeners and homesteaders.  You know your way around the seed catalogs and could plant tomatoes with your eyes closed.  However, I know that there are others who have told me that they want to get started with gardening or canning or preserving.  You’re a newbie.  You may live in an apartment or you may live on a small lot – either way, this book will be a great resource for you.  This books is for the beginner and provides just about all the information you could ever want on the topic of growing and using your homegrown food.  Chapter titles include:

  • Quick & Easy Seed Starting Method
  • Herb Gardening 101
  • How to Garden Organically
  • Preserving Tomatoes
  • Canning, Freezing and Dehydrating
  • and many more.

What I like best about this book are all the pictures.  I love books that are rich with images to help me really grasp what the author is trying to teach or show me.  This book does a great job of doing just that. So… what do you think?  Ready to take the plunge and start a garden in your small space?  Thought so.  Click —-> here – to check out this book and all the rest that are included in this $39 bundle.

And I promise…. tomorrow we will be back to our regularly scheduled posting.  Thanks for bearing with me. :)



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