The ONLY reason that I would consider owning a GOAT.

So, let’s start off here…. no, I am not getting a goat.  No, I am not even CONSIDERING the IDEA of getting a goat.  Those two sweet little gals above belong to my friend Jennah, the blogger behind  House Barn Farm –  (it is also her photo, just to be clear).

Ok.  Now we have that all cleared up, let’s move on.

In my eyes, there is one good thing about owning goats.

The only reason I would ever CONSIDER getting a goat is for the MILK.

However…… shall I remind you of that one time I drank raw goat’s milk??  If you’ve been around this here blog long enough, I am sure you don’t need to be reminded of THAT experience.  So, now dear reader, you are saying to yourself, “This blogger is crazy.  She thinks goat’s milk tastes terrible but now she is ADVOCATING getting goats for milk!?   What is going on with her?”

Well, my friends, there is more you can do with goat’s milk than just drink it.  That said, the best thing that I think you can do with goat’s milk is make soap out of it.

So, there you have it, goat’s milk = AMAZING soap.

You may recall that after I bought that gallon of raw goat’s milk and HATED IT, I froze it.  Well, that milk remains in my freezer to this day and the master plan is to make it into soap.  However, as with many, many things, I have yet to get to it.

Enter, Jennah from House Barn Farm – you may recall that those are HER goats in the picture above.  Jennah makes AMAZING goat’s milk soap – .  She is a mom to two little ones who lives on a homestead in New York and makes this soap – in her very own kitchen.   Here’s – how she does it.  Pretty cool right?

And I have good news!   Jennah’s soap – is 10% off right now if you use the coupon code “SOAPS.”  But do it quick, this code will expire after December 19th.  Jennah will be sure to get your soap out to you by the 20th so that it can arrive in time for Christmas.

Now, let me break down what we just went over:

  • goat’s milk soap = AMAZING
  • Jennah handmakes this soap – in HER OWN KITCHEN
  • If you buy her soap – you’ll be supporting a mom AND a small businessWIN, WIN!
  • The soap – , which is already amazingly well priced, is 10% off right now with the coupon code “SOAPS.”
So, what are you waiting for?   Head over and buy a few bars of soap – .  They would make great gifts for yourself or a loved one.  Or heck, buy a bar for yourself AND a few bars for your loved ones.  That’s what I’m going to do.
Click—–> here to check out her shop.
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