Homesteading in the Winter Series: Post 4 – Prepping for Winter Emergencies

I am taking part in a posting series related to the topic of “Homesteading in the Winter.”

Each Thursday there will be a new post on a different issue associated with the needs and unique challenges of living on a homestead (big or small, urban or rural) during the winter.  I am a teaming up with several other bloggers to bring you this series.

Today’s topic is “Prepping for winter emergencies.”  The participating blogs for this week include:

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After reading my post, please take a few minutes to visit these other blogs and learn about what they do to prepare for a winter emergency on their homestead.  


Much like last week, I fear that I don’t have a ton to share on this topic.  Living in Phoenix, winter just isn’t that severe.  However, I will take a moment to share my thoughts on some of the basics.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


For any emergency you want to make sure you have adequate food and water.  Having canned food from your own garden is wonderful buy keeping store bought stuff in rotation will work just as well.  It is also important to make sure you have plenty of water on hand.  

Growing up in Florida, if we knew a storm was coming, we would always fill the bathtub with water.  Not to bathe ourselves, but to know that we had a bathtub full of clean water to drink and cook with (and potentially flush toilets with) if the city water supply went out or became contaminated.  (Having water decontamination tablets can be handy, too.)


Another concern is having the power go out.  This can affect your ability to heat your home and to see at night.  Many thing to have on hand include:
  • candles
  • blankets
  • firewood 
  • generator (if possible)
  • small camp stove with fuel 
In this same genre, it is probably a good idea to fuel up all your vehicles before a strong winter storm hits.  


Making sure you have copies of your valuable paperwork (birth certificate, social security card, etc) is important.  It is also important to know how you will secure valuables in case you need to leave your home.  

A Plan

Last, but certainly not least, it is important for your family to have a plan! Where will you go if a storm hits?  Will you ride it out?  What will you do with your animals?  How will you secure their quarters?  Who are your emergency contacts?

What else?  What did I miss?  I know there are plenty of you preppers out there!  Get this warm-living, city-slicker up to speed! 

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