Keeping it “Au Naturale” on the Homestead

I do a lot of googling, y’all.  Please tell me you do too.

I google for just about everything in my life and for the most part, it works out pretty well.

I google a rash on my kids leg.  I google a problem a hen is having with her foot.  I google how to make zucchini waffles (they’re delicious by the way!).  You name it.  I’ll google it.

However, all this googling is getting TIME CONSUMING.  Sometimes I just want to go back to the good ol’ days where you open a book, read a couple of paragraphs, look at a picture and voila!  You have your answer.  (And if you don’t have the answer from a book…. well, you just forget about it!)

I’m excited to tell you that I now have one less topic to google about – natural remedies for my little ol’ homestead.

Do you follow the blog The Prairie Homestead – ?  If not, you’re missing out on a whole lot of great homesteading information.

Jill Winger, who writes The Prairie Homestead, just came out with her newest ebook – Natural Homestead.   –

To quote Jill:

Natural Homestead – is a 200-page PDF ebook that contains over 40 natural homesteading “recipes” and over 60 photos. It’s the first eBook that I know of to cover topics like homemade chicken feed, herbs for barnyard animals, natural non-toxic gardening pesticides, DIY fly sprays, and TONS more.

And here’s one more exciting piece of news…..a recipe that I wrote is featured in the book!  It the “boredom buster block” for chickens and it is pretty awesome (if I do say so myself).

–″ target=”_blank”>Not my Chicken but it is my recipe

Other great recipes in the book include:

  • Natural Mosquito Spray
  • Homemade Layer Rations (including recipes that are corn & soy free)
  • Sprouted Feed for Chickens
  • Bleach-Free Coop Cleaner
  • Compost Juice for the Garden
  • Homemade Fish Emulsion (this one is a real keeper!)
  • and so so many more. 
And, as an added bonus, the book is on sale for 40% off until October 29th.   Enter the code – “launchparty” at check out.
If you’re like me and you want to get away from all this googling and get back to trusting what the experts write about a topic, then Jill’s book Natural Homestead – is for you. 
But don’t trust me, head on over and check it out —> here – . 

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