Independence Days Challenge

We’re back!!!!!!!!!!

We took a couple weeks off from the Independence Days Challenge but now we’re back!

What is the Independence Days Challenge?  Simply put, it’s a way for each of us to share the ways that we are building our independence inside our homes and on our land.  This is all about building community, skills and growing more self-sufficient!  We are here to teach and to learn.

Feel free to share your homesteading, gardening, homemaking, cooking, organizing, and/or skill-building posts via the link-up tool below.  Make sure you link back to one of the hosting blogs in some way and check out our other participants when you get a moment.  

Each week Heather and I will pick a post from the previous week’s link-up to feature.

(Except not this week, since we’ve been gone for the last two weeks.)  

And without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to on our homestead: 

Plant Something:
Yes!  I planted corn, zucchini, sunflowers, cucumbers and various summer squash seeds.  We’ve got almost all of the corn sprouted and the sunflowers are starting. 

Harvest Something:
Eggs, eggs and more eggs – nothing else.        

Preserve Something:
Yes!  Made pizza sauce and froze two pints.    

Waste Not:
Passing on old/unused toys to friends, sharing eggs and donating stuff to Goodwill.          

Eat the Food:
Eggs!  Had pizza with homemade pizza sauce and pesto from homegrown basil.   
Build Community Food Systems:
Gave a friend some eggs, got some pesto.  Brought pizza sauce to friends house and we all made pizza that we ate together.      

Skill up: 
Not this week.     

I wish.  

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