Book Reivew: Real Food for Real Life

Today I am bringing you a review for a really great ebook that I was given the opportunity to read and review.  The book is called Real Food for Real Life:  How to Eat Healthy without Going Completely Crazy – by Emily Benfit.

As a side note:  I receive lots of opportunities to read and review books (especially ebooks) and bring them to you on this blog.  There are a lot of opportunities that I pass by because I either don’t think the book fits my interests/needs or because I don’t think it will be pertinent for my readers.  So, when I DO decide to review a book and I DO take the time to write a post about it, you can be sure that I think it is worth YOUR time.  
Phew. Ok.  Got that out of the way. 
Now, back to the book – Real Food for Real Life – .  

I love, love, LOVED this book.  It is exactly my kind of “health” book.  The author, Emily Benfit (blogger at, is my kind of lady.  She cares about taking care of her body, eating healthy and making good food choices but she doesn’t go crazy with it.  She even admits that she continues to eat things like (*gasp*) Milano cookies on occasion and has a whole chapter titled “Eat the Damn Donut.”  (Because, a donut, really people, I’m NOT going to NOT eat that damn donut.)  Her mantra is “learn what you can, and do what you can,” as it relates to making healthy, real food choices.  
Emily Benfit
Who her book is for:  newbies to the “real food” movement, those that are unfamiliar with the problems associated with our current food systems, people who love food and want to be healthy (ME!), people who don’t have time for all those food rules (ME!) and so on and so forth.  Really much like Emily believes real food is for everyone, this book is suitable for everyone.  
Some highlights from the book include:
  • Where We Went Wrong: A look at agribusiness, dieting, the industrial food system, etc
  • Where to Start:  A discussion on how to get yourself started in a quest for a real food, traditional and “natural” diet.  
  • Eating Healthy Without Going Crazy:  This part of the book was most important to me.  Whenever I read about eating real food, I always end up thinking I need to buy seventeen new appliances and head straight to Whole Foods to spend $200 on foods that I will try once and then declare to be disgusting.  As she says, perfection is not the goal!  How refreshing. 
  • Making your own food:  In this section she talks about everything from cookware to bone broth. She also gives many simple, straightforward recipes that you can implement into your diet today.
Some of the aspects of the book that I found particularly helpful and informative include:
  • a clear definition and explanation of all the different types of fats.  
  • a list of superfoods – many of which you would not expect to see on such a list. 
  • a breakdown of many food options into: avoid, good, better, best.   I particularly liked this section because when you are away from home or at a friends house, it is important to know what you should focus on and what you can just let slide for a meal.  
The book concludes with a really helpful and informative FAQ chapter and an appendix of resources to peruse.  
To buy the book click here – .  It is 245 pages of awesome.  
Get this book.  You won’t be disappointed.  I promise.  
(This post contains affiliate links. I was not financially compensated for this post. My copy of the eBook was provided for free. The opinions of Real Food for Real Life, as stated in this post, are completely my own.)

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