Independence Days Challenge

Welcome to the Independence Days Challenge!  We hope you have brought some great posts to share with all of us this week.

What is the Independence Days Challenge?  Simply put, it’s a way for each of us to share the ways that we are building our independence inside our homes and on our land.  This is all about building community, skills and growing more self-sufficient!  We are here to teach and to learn.  

Feel free to share your homesteading, gardening, homemaking, cooking, organizing, and/or skill-building posts via the link-up tool below.  Make sure you link back to one of the hosting blogs in some way and check out our other participants when you get a moment.  

Each week Heather and I will pick a post from the previous week’s link-up to feature.

This week I chose to feature the blog Raising Crops and Babies.  This blog is a fun read with lots of pictures of the author’s beautiful children.  The picture below is from the blog and makes me wish that we could raise our children on a large acreage.  For me, the joy of childhood is exemplified in this photo.  Head on over and show her blog some love. 

And without further ado, here’s what we’ve been up to on our homestead: 

Plant Something:
Nothing planted again this week.  Summer is rough. 

Harvest Something:
Some zucchini, some yellow squash, a ton of cucumbers…. about what you would expect in the summer.  One of our Barred Rock chicks laid her first egg this week.  It was crushed in the nesting box but I’m hoping that this is just because it was her first.   

Waste Not:
Learning to make different things with sourdough.  So far we’ve done bread   

Eat the Food:

Learning to make different things with sourdough.  So far we’ve done bread and english muffins with great success.  I’m also being a good mom and “feeding” my starter as required.  

Build Community Food Systems:

Planning to start giving away sourdough bread and starter to those who are interested in the neighborhood.    
Skill up: 
Have you caught on?  This week has been all about sourdough! Learning, learning, and more learning – up next?  Milling our own grain. 

I cleaned out the fridge!  I got rid of the old junk (when, pray-tell, did I ever use thousand island dressing!?) and cleaned all the shelves.  I’m pretty happy with myself.  


  1. Could you do a tutorial of sorts on the sourdough english muffins? I’m very interested in that and have never attempted them.

  2. OK, I shall take up the fridge cleaning challenge!! And i shall link up one of my daily posts about developing a wee sustainable farm and feeding my family and friends from 8 acres. Have a lovely day! celi

  3. I keep meaning to do a linky to the challenge, but find that I’m so busy (or is it lazy) right now to contemplate a post. I do love that picture with the hay bales, it brought back memories from early childhood, like when I was six!

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