Making Butter

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If you’ve been reading this blog at all for the past few months, you know that I’m trying to make more things at home, from scratch.  And when I learned where butter REALLY comes from, I decided to give homemade butter a try in my little kitchen with my two oldest kiddos. Here’s how it went down. 

Pretty Simple.  You just need two ingredients – kosher salt and heavy cream. 
We started with the mason jar and shaking technique.  Pour your cream into the mason jar and add a pinch of kosher salt. 
Then shake it….and shake it….. and shake it.  Then shake it some more. 
Then, when not a whole lot is happening and your kids get bored with shaking – pour it into a mixing bowl and get out the beaters (even better if you have a kitchen aid). 
Eventually (and we’re talking like 5 minutes or more), your solids (the butter) will start to separate from your liquids (the buttermilk). 
Pour the liquid off and what your left with is the butter.  Try and squeeze as much of the buttermilk out the butter as you can, so that it will keep longer.  Use the buttermilk in baking (pancakes!) and use the butter on everything else :)

Will I do this again?  Probably not.  It was quite a bit of effort and doesn’t save money.  It was fun to show the kids (and myself) where butter comes from and if I had my own cow, I suppose I would do this on the regular.  But until then, I think I’ll just keep buying the butter. 

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  • 5 thoughts on “Making Butter

    1. Melinda Collazo

      I’ve been thinking about trying to make butter for a while, but reading this post confirms my suspicions that it seemed like a big effort for a small reward. I’ll probably do it one day this summer with my little guy for a fun activity though.

    2. flyingjen

      I made butter last summer after reading a blog post about it. I agree with you though, it was not really worth it time wise and if you buy organic butter (which we get in our milk delivery) it is much easier. However, I did put honey in my finished butter and made a very tasty honey butter for morning toast.

    3. RaisingCropsAndBabies

      I make it with my bosch mixer (used to with the kitchen aid) because I can walk away from it for 15 minutes or so and do something else. We have a milk cow though . I can’t imagine what a pain it’d be without a stand mixer!


      I’m doing it! it looks like such a good kitchen lesson and i love me some butter. thanks for posting!

    5. Summers Acres

      Great post. Looks easy enough that I might could do it. Hmmm I may need to try this soon. I hope you will share this with us today at The HomeAcre Hop.


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