Sponsor Highlight: MomJeanz

I have just started accepting sponsors on this little website.  I’m excited to be pairing up with some blogs and business that I believe in and that I think provide a good message/product.  If you know someone who you think would be a good match for us here at Five Little Homesteaders, be sure to send them our way.  Additionally, when you have a moment, be sure to check our sponsors out.  I assure you, they are worth your time.

This week’s Sponsor Highlight post brings you the blog MomJeanz written by the funny and inspirational Elaine.  Elaine and I share a mutual friendship with the wonderful Mary Catherine and have some similar goals for our families – thus a lovely cyber-friendship has formed.  Her blog has become a daily read for me. 

Elaine has an adorable daughter named Darla (how cute is that!?) and currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.  Her blog is filled with stories about life with her little one, inspiration for living a more sustainable life, and a touch of “birthy goodness” (to use her words).  Be sure to check her blog out when you get a moment. 

Me:  How would you describe your blog? 

Elaine:  hmmm, i’d say it’s the place I gather and dump a bunch of things that will probably come back to bite me later in life about my parenting, family ideals, birth work and whatever other brain fluff is happening at the moment. i sometimes have a hard time remembering that the internet is forever. reoccurring topics include my hilarious and quirksome daughter, birthy goodness, earthy goodness, music and travel doings, zero-waste home efforts and an occasional emotional breakdown. i think my blog is eclectic and funny and lacking concrete structure. it’s basically just like me. 

Me:  Why do you blog? 

Elaine:  wow. these questions are hard for someone who regularly makes simple stuff more complicated than need be, i.e. me. i’ve been asking myself this same question since i started blogging and i think it might be an experiment in stroking my ego?? i could write out a list of possible reasons but the most important one is that i just plain like to write this blog. i just like it. love it, maybe. i hope readers will like it and love it and want some more of it, too. 

Me:  What is one thing you want readers to know about you? 

Elaine:  well, i have a really hard time taking much of anything too seriously and a good deal of my writing comes from that voice. i really find life humorous. oh and i have a penchant for things that start with B: butter, boots, big hair, babies, biscuits, birth and blogs. 

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