Notes from the Garden

A periodic installment on the blog.  Some pictures and notes on what is going on in the garden.

Baby Summer Squash – I’m so excited that we’ll be eating fresh squash soon.  It truly is one of my favorite things. 

Sunflowers – They’re blooming like crazy and I love it.  Who wouldn’t?

I have no idea why these two are making such silly faces but the point is, my tomato plants are HUGE! Look at the size of the two plants that are behind the girls!

Cucumber plants are finally starting to take hold.  I thought we lost them but they seem to be flourishing all of a sudden.

Our front yard mini-farm is doing great.  

More squash!  The trailing vines are my favorite.

Only a few more seedlings are left to be planted. 

My beautiful new herb garden is all planted and ready to go!  What should I make next?

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