Montessori Monday: Setting the Table

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From Tim Seldin’s book How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way:

Small children want to be part of your world.  For them, work is every bit as much fun as play if they are given the chance to do it. 

Everyday I am trying to incorporate more areas in which my girls can “work.”  With that in mind, I have the girls set the table before dinner every night.  Family dinners are important to our family and we have dinner as a family almost every night.  Setting the table begins with the placemat, which has outlines to show them where to place their items.  (These placemats are really easy to make.  I just bought some white placemats at Goodwill and then did freezer paper stenciling to make the outlines.)   

A low shelf in our pantry is arranged with all of the items that they need to set their own place, including washcloths to wipe down their space after they are done eating. 

The girls collect their items and then get to work – all of which is done on their own. 

I know it is really just a small thing – having the girls set the table.  But they love it and it certainly gives them something to do and keeps them busy during the “dinner is almost ready but not quite” evening break-down/fussiness.  
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