Five Things

How fun!

I was tagged by Melinda of Marshmallow Mudpie for Five Things.  I’m supposed to write about five things you might not know about me and then tag five other  bloggers.  Here goes!

1.  Doug and I had a small wedding – a REALLY small wedding.  It was just me, Doug, Lucy, my sister, and the officiant. 

From our Wedding Day

 2.  As a kid (and well into my late teenage years), I really thought I would be the President of the United States when I “grew up.”  

3.  Though I love to travel and want to travel the world with my kids, I have only been to three countries outside of the United States: Canada, Mexico, and Fiji. 

One of my Visits to Canada – Montreal with Doug

One of my Trips to Mexico – Guadalajara with Doug


4.  I graduated college in two years.  And by two years, I mean literally, two years.  I graduated high school in May of 1999 and walked in my graduation ceremony from Arizona State in May of 2001.  I’m pretty proud of this accomplishment.  🙂

5.  I really love bad t.v.  I’ll watch pretty much any reality show that exists.  Toddlers in Tiaras, Teen Mom, Cheerleader Nation…. these are a few of my favorites.  Though I haven’t really watched any television shows lately, I know, given the opportunity, I could dive right into whatever the current reality television craze is.  

There you have it!  Five random facts that probably bored the heck out of you, but I think blogging games are fun. 

Now I’m tagging:  Mary Catherine, Lauren of Fancy Nonsense, Jen of Random Thoughts in my Head, Jami of The Yaegerpack, and Sarah of This Farm Family’s Life.  

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